Welcome to the Prime Role-Playing Game

What is a Role-Playing Game?

The very short answer: a conversation with rules.

The slightly more helpful answer: A form of collaborative story-telling involving several people each playing a character in some kind of fictional world (“role-playing”), with another person acting as the world the characters are in, presenting challenges, puzzles and decisions for the characters to respond to, and responding to their actions in turn (“game”).

Imagine an improvised television show. There is a director – someone who will set the scene, tell the actors where they are and what situation they are facing. Give them context for their characters. Then the actors improvise the scene based on their knowledge of what their characters would do and say. Slowly a story is built up as each scene reveals something about both the world the characters are in and the characters themselves.

Who hasn’t wanted to be something more, or at least something other, than their current selves? Role-playing lets you step into the shoes of anyone else you could ever imagine, be it a superhero, powerful wizard, or international spy. And, of course, everyone plays games in some form or another – from crosswords to computer games; it’s how we learn and improve. Combine the two and you have a duo that goes together like insert cliche comparison here.

So what are you waiting for?

How Do I Start Playing?

If you’ve never played before, start with our quickstart tutorial to get you up and running.

Once you’re comfortable with the basics then the guides will offer more in-depth help on specific areas.

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